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Learn about recycling / Scrap metals

Metal recycling protects the environment, reduces energy consumption and helps ensure a steady supply of raw materials at home and abroad. The U.S. scrap recycling industry is recognized as one of the world’s first “green industries.”

If you are interested in learning more about the scrap metals industry, or the process of how the metals are recycled, please see the following links and facts below.

Recycling Links

Scrap Facts

  • The recycling industry annually transforms 150 million metric tons of obsolete material from consumers, businesses, and manufacturers into useful raw materials. [Source: ISRI]
  • Steel is the world’s most recycled material, with nearly 50% of steel manufactured worldwide produced from scrap metal.  [Source: ISRI]
  • Recycling steel uses 75% less energy compared to creating steel from raw materials – enough to power 18 million homes. [Source: BIR]
  • Recycling one car saves the energy equivalent of 502 gallons of gasoline. [Source: ISRI]
  • The U.S. supplies 23% of the world’s supply of copper. [Source: ISRI]
  • By using copper scrap, we reduce CO2 emissions by 65% [Source: BIR]
  • A used aluminum can is recycled and back on the grocery shelf in as little as 60 days. [Source: BIR]