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The dimensions are 3’ x 4’ and a ¼ in. thickness or greater.

Yes, we accept crushed aluminum cans. We do not accept steel or tin cans.

The difference between #1 copper and #2 copper is that #1 copper must be completely clean; which means no paint or solder contaminates the metal.

MRC Scrap Metals employees unload all customer vehicles.

If the seller of scrap metal enters a transaction of $100 or more then the scrap yard is required to collect the following information:(1) Photocopy of the driver’s license (2) The seller’s and buyer’s signature for each transaction (3) The license plate number of the motor vehicle the seller operates at the time of the transaction (4) Written permission of the seller’s parent or legal guardian, if the sellers is under 18 years of age (5) The date and time of the transaction (6) a description of the scrap material including weight and amount paid. Search “House Bill 1742” at  for further details.

Yes, all of our scales are certified by the state and regularly maintained for accuracy.

Yes, we have a drive-through scale with a capacity of 120,000 lbs.  A digital read-out shows the weight measured.

The seller must have the official title of the vehicle and a valid government issued photo id. Also, the person whose name is listed on the title must be present at the time of sale.

You must be 18 years of age. If you are a minor selling scrap metal, you must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian.

MRC offers cash or check for payment of scrap metals.

Beer Kegs, CFC's and HCFC's (ozone depleting substances), Chain-link fence, Computer monitors and TVs, Copiers or fax machines, Fuel tanks (unless empty and multiple holes cut in it), Garbage, rags or other non-metallic items, Glass,  Oil, Oil filters, Paint, Paper, PCB's or other hazardous materials, Plastic,  Radioactive material,  Rubber, Vehicles without titles or proper identification and Wood.

Ferrous are predominately iron based and magnetic. Non-ferrous are not iron based.